River Plate’s Path to Professional League Championship Still Wide Open


The Millionaire fell during his visit to Barracas Central, but equally the distance he maintains with his pursuers is important and the chance to do the Olympic tour several dates before the championship closes remains latent.

© Getty ImagesRiver continues with many chances to achieve its goal several dates before the tournament closes.

River visited Barracas Central last Saturday for date 22 of the Professional League. Martín Demichelis opted for the rotation and it was clearly noted in the team’s performance that it was far from showing what the usual starters usually show. Despite the defeat, the Biggest maintains an important distance over its pursuers –Talleres and San Lorenzo– and with five dates to go, It is enough for Micho’s men to get seven of the fifteen points to shout champion, although they could do it before.

When can champion come out?

Mathematically, he will not be able to do it next Wednesday against Colón at the Monumental, since once that game is over there will still be 12 points to be played and, in addition, Talleres plays his game on Thursday for the date 23. But in case San Lorenzo loses against Racing on Wednesday, Talleres will also lose on Thursday against Sarmiento as a visitor and if River beats Colón on Wednesday, Demichelis’ men will have secured first place. It should be noted that, in case of equality in first place, the Professional League determined this year that the tiebreaker be by goal difference and in this regard, River leads a significant difference to Talleres and San Lorenzo.

In the most optimistic scenario, River could shout champion next Saturday when it faces San Lorenzo at the Nuevo Gasómetro. The meeting would go at 8:30 p.m. in principle, but for security reasons, it could be brought forward a few hours. For that to happen, River must win both games and Talleres leave points on the road in the next two days.

The games that River has left | 50 points

Date 23: River – Colon | July 5 at 9:30 p.m.

Date 24: San Lorenzo – River | July 8

Date 25: River – Students | weekend of july 15

Date 26: Rosario Central – River | weekend of july 22

Date 27: River – Racing | weekend of july 29

The matches that remain for Talleres | 41 points

Date 23: Sarmiento – Workshops | July 6 at 7:00 p.m.

Date 24: Workshops – Union | weekend of july 8

Date 25: Hurricane – Workshops | weekend of july 15

Date 26: Workshops – Gymnastics | weekend of july 22

Date 27: Newell’s – Workshops | weekend of july 29

The matches that remain for San Lorenzo | 41 points

Date 23: Racing – San Lorenzo | July 5 at 7:30 p.m.

Date 24: San Lorenzo – River | July 8

Date 25: Belgrano – San Lorenzo | weekend of july 15

Date 26: San Lorenzo – Argentines | weekend of july 22

Date 27: Tiger – San Lorenzo | weekend of july 29

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