“Rat… I’m going to kick you out with all the bad mood I have”

The Negreira case continues to shake the arbitration bodies of Spanish professional football. On this occasion, a audio that the collegiate Xavier Estrada Fernandez contributed to the Social Court No. 32 in Madrid in the trial that took place last week for the demand presented by Estrada Fernández himself for violation of Fundamental Rights against the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF).

The audio, posted by ‘digital freedom‘ shows the abusive ways of the president of the Technical Committee of Referees (CTA), Luis Medina Cantalejo. According to Estrada’s complaint, his dismissal as a VAR referee was revenge for his complaints in the ‘Negreira Case’ and not for the ‘Vinicius Case’, as justified by the CTA.

The audio was recorded on April 21 during Medina Cantalejo’s speech at the seminar «Debriefing with the Kaltura Platform». Despite the fact that Estrada Fernández is never mentioned in the audio, everything indicates that it refers to him: “call you rataI think it is to increase the quality of what you are a bit, eh?, because I think that you’re not even a hamster, nor a little mouse. You are a little character who may not have reached his sporting goals,” Medina Cantalejo snapped at the beginning of his speech.

“I’m going to throw you out with all the dishonor”

Below, according to audio posted by ‘digital freedom‘, the president of the CTA began with his threats, allegedly, to Estrada Fernández: «At some point you are going to screw up. AND Even if it’s the last thing I do in the CTA, I’m going to kick you outand I am going to throw you out with all the dishonor and all the bad temper that I have, which you know is sometimes a lot ».

continuing with his disqualifications, Medina Cantalejo questioned, supposedly, the referee of the Catalan school: «You are the most insignificant thing, which possibly will have gone through the Spanish arbitration. You just want to stand out », he dispatched.

Finally, the highest representative of the arbitration body reiterated his threats: «Watch out. If you screw up or we catch you, you go to the bloody street dishonoredI’m telling you, you’re going to be dishonored, because you are the dishonor of Spanish arbitration, of the history of Spanish arbitration».

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