PSSI to Appeal AFC Sanctions on Indonesian National Team and Officials

Jakarta, – Member of the PSSI Executive Committee (Exco), Sumardji, confirmed that his party would appeal the sanctions imposed by the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) for the incident that the Indonesian national team experienced when they met Thailand in the 2023 SEA Games final.

AFC imposed sanctions on three Indonesian national team players, namely Titan Agung Bagus, Komang Teguh Trisnanda, and Muhammad Taufany Muslihuddin.

Titan Agung and Komang Teguh were found to have violated the AFC Code of Discipline and Ethics Article 47, resulting in a six-game ban and a fine of USD 1,000 or around IDR 14.9 million.

Meanwhile, Muhammad Taufany was found to have violated the AFC Code of Discipline and Ethics Article 51. However, he was only given a six-match ban without being fined.

“We will (submit) an appeal for the sanctions in the final of the SEA Games, because there are indeed several officials who should not have been involved, for example Sahari and Ucok. They should not have been involved at all, but why were they penalized. This is what we are submitting for an appeal, Sumardji said.

Apart from the three players, the AFC also imposed penalties on several Indonesian officials. The officials are Tegar Diokta Andias (team secretary), Sahari Gultom (goalkeeper coach), Ahmad Nizar Caesara Noor (team doctor), and Muhni Toid Sarnad.

Tegar and Sahari Gultom were suspended for six games and fined $1,000, while Ahmad Nizar and Muhni Toid were suspended for six games without being fined.


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