Orix Infielders Keita Nakagawa and Orix Soyuma Inspire Team’s Winning Streak

11:00 on July 31, 2023 Orix Soyuma (taken on May 12, 2023)

Two people in the same grade were connecting to the top Orix’s losing streak.

The game against Nippon-Ham (Escon Field) on the 29th, which was a three-game losing streak. Infielder Keita Nakagawa (27), the 5th inning at the beginning of the second inning, got on base with an infield hit to third base. Infielder No. 6 Soyuma (27) continued with a middle front hit, creating an opportunity to score three goals this time.

In the 3rd inning, Kei Nakagawa hit the left front with 2 outs, and So also hit the middle front, and called in one point with the push-out walk, which was the final point.

So, a high school graduate, and Kei Nakagawa, a college graduate. The joining year is different, but the same year. “We’re good friends,” So says. They are often together on the bench, and even in the team’s summer poster, where the players pretended to be a comedy duo, the two formed a duo.

We used to talk all the time. “Since we’re in the same grade, we’ve always been talking about ‘I want to do my best together.'”

Even in the match against Nippon Ham on the 30th, when the losing streak was stopped, he sat in the same 5th and 6th positions as the day before, and contributed to the attack of 4 points in the first batter round. He didn’t score, but he had a double hit in the 6th inning. The team’s winning streak was called in by the success of “the vow of the same age”.

They don’t just get along. Being conscious and inspiring. “If Keita hits the ball and I don’t, it’s usually frustrating. In that sense, I think we’re working hard together. We talk about a lot of things.” An ideal relationship in which we can improve each other also leads to team strength.

Both are on the rise, with multiple hits in two consecutive games, but they are still improving. “I’m still here. There are about 50 games left. I want to play without any worries.” Sou replied yes.[Orix: Ayano Iso]

Orix Keita Nakagawa (photographed on May 6, 2023) There are back issues in this column.

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