NBA Star Damian Lillard Requests Trade to Portland Trail Blazers

News shakes the NBA world: Damian Lillard has requested the trade to the Portland Trail Blazers.

A few hours after the opening of the Free agency, with many of the most interesting players who have already settled down, the news that shakes the NBA world is however the following: Damian Lillard has requested the trade to the Portland Trail Blazers. The trade in the NBA is an exchange that occurs when a team agrees to trade one or more of its players for one or more players from another team.

To report the fact are Chris Haynes, Shams Charania and Adrian Wojnarowski, according to which the Oakland native would also have indicated in the Miami Heat (runners-up in charge) his favorite destination.

Damian Lillard in the eye of the storm: favorite destination? Miami Heat

The Blazers, who in the last Draft focused on the talent of Scoot Henderson with the 3rd overall and who recently renewed Jeremi Grant, could start a reconstruction of the roster with the sale of Lillard, focusing on their young players and easing the salary situation. The problem now will be to find a package corresponding to Lillard’s contract, who will receive almost 46 million dollars next season and who by contract will see an upward climb in his salary until 2027 (49 million in 2025, then 58 and finally a player option from 63 in 2027).

In the event that an agreement is sought with the Miami Heat (which have already lost Max Strus and Vincent Gabe with the opening of the Free agency), the Florida team will probably have to put on the plate several future picks, the 29 million Kyle Lowry and perhaps he will also have to give up Tyler Herro and Caleb Martin to make ends meet.

If checkers weren’t reached with the vice champions, there would still be many teams interested in adding Lillard to their roster, with the Brooklyn Nets appearing to be in the front row and with the Los Angeles Clippers and Philadelphia 76ers (who also need to resolve the thorny question James Harden) who remain at the window, without forgetting the Los Angeles Lakers of Lebron James who has never hidden the desire to play with him.

So all we have to do is wait, with the final decision likely to arrive in the next few hours and with the only certainty that Lillard, at the age of 33, wants a team that will allow him to finally play for the title.


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