Medellín’s INDER Delegation Dominates Departmental Final of 2023 School Sports Games

The INDER Medellín delegation had an outstanding performance in the departmental final of the 2023 School Sports Games, held in Rionegro, Oriente Antioqueño.

With a total of 46 gold, 40 silver and 45 bronze medals, they became champions of the contest. They participated in 19 sports disciplines and demonstrated their talent at the Festival of Subaquatic Activities, where they also received recognition.

Medellín obtained outstanding results in several disciplines, being general champions in badminton, gymnastics, field tennis, women’s indoor soccer, men’s basketball, and baseball, among others. The delegation was made up of 231 athletes and 25 coaches, who provided technical support to the teams. The winners will represent the department in the national games.

Photo: Medellín Mayor’s Office

Participation in the School Sports Games is part of the INDER strategy called Educational Sector Games, specifically in primary schools. More than 1,871 boys and girls have benefited from these processes.

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In the last four years of the Departmental School Games, Medellín has obtained second place in 2019, first place in the virtual edition of 2020, third place in 2022 and did not participate in 2021 due to the lack of a zonal stage in the Aburra Valley.

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