Maximizing the Winter School Break: Sports Initiation Schools in San Juan Continue with Activities

with intentions of make the most of the school break for winter holidaysthe different Sports Initiation Schools (EID) of San Juan continue with their respective calendars, training sessions and activities.

For example, this weekend a sports meeting was held inside the Marcelo García stadium in Pocito. In the place, the volleyball schools that the aforementioned department has were the hosts of the aforementioned activity.

Mixing volleyball matches and tournaments with other fun and recreational games, a good number of children and adolescents participated in the scheduled activities. When it concluded, the main protagonists of the meeting expressed their joy and happiness with the teachers in charge Melanie Pintos and Ismael Sahavedra.

Regarding what happened, it is worth remembering that Sports Initiation Schools is one of the many social programs that the Government of San Juan implemented in a context of Sports Revolution. It is open to people between the ages of 6 and 12 from the 19 departments. Currently, in the province there are about 60 these schools with a wide range of sports disciplines to practice and learn for free: athletics, field and roller hockey, soccer, volleyball, handball, basket ball, climbing, basketball, boxing, wrestling, futsal, judo, karate, among others.

2023-07-18 14:29:51
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