Mario Götze Expands Investment Portfolio with Happy Slice Pizza Chain and More

Together with world champion colleague André Schürrle (32), Eintracht’s Mario Götze (31) has now invested in the new “Happy Slice” pizza chain.

By no means the only involvement of the playmaker! Götze has been investing in start-ups from all over the world for a long time. There are said to be more than 40 by now. It is his second professional passion after football.

He now reveals his investment strategy exclusively in BILD!

Götze: “I’m curious to position myself outside of football. The ecosystem of start-ups is incredibly exciting, especially when you look at it more closely and intensively. There are many parallels between athletes and founders – both need a great deal of courage, self-confidence, an enormous amount of passion and conviction in order to go the way even against resistance.”

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His portfolio includes many different sectors. In addition to “Happy Slice”, Götze has already invested in “Eterno Health”: A company that rents out medical practices, among other things. Or to the “Knowunity” learning platform.

Eintracht Frankfurt: Mario Götze reveals his investment strategy

Götze explains: “Actually, I don’t invest that much in start-ups in the sports or health sectors. I tend to focus more on topics related to digitization or AI (artificial intelligence; ed.). They make up 80 percent of my investment. Nevertheless, it is of course not possible without sport. I come from this world and will always stay there – so I’m also involved in a few HealthTech and SportsTech topics.” So in health and sports technologies.

His latest investments also include the company Vivalyx, which is developing a liquid for revitalizing donor organs in order to increase the number of organs available for life-saving transplantation. Together with others, Götze is said to have invested millions here.

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The world champion often gets involved in the so-called pre-seed or seed phase. That means: at the very beginning of the company. Sometimes even before the actual founding.

The Eintracht bosses are impressed by Götze’s vision. He himself appreciates the expertise of CEO Axel Hellmann (51) on economic issues, with whom he always exchanges enthusiastic ideas.

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