Joel Álvarez, a McGregor-style victory

“50 G’s, Baby!” Joel Álvarez yelled into the UFC microphone in true Conor McGregor style. The man from Gijón managed to score his personal record with an impeccable victory in the second round against the Englishman Marc Diakiese in the event held yesterday in London.

The Phenomenon made his entrance into the cage of the North American company at about 8:20 p.m. with his now typical yellow shorts and with an attitude that made the entire O2 Arena in London stand up. His rival, Marc Diakiese, received much less harangues despite being the local. Several presentations later, and with the already typical “El Finomino” by the presenter, the hostilities began.

The first assault was study. Both fighters measured their forces with several power shots and with an impeccable defense by the Spaniard. Several hands and a takedown allowed “Jowi”, as he is called in his corner, to win the first round. “Did we win?” Álvarez asked his coach

The second round started badly for Álvarez. Diakiese knocked him down and had several minutes of control, although without much effectiveness. The English sought to tire the Spanish but had no luck. The Phenomenon knew how to recover and after a somewhat controversial clash of heads, Álvarez landed a couple of blows that managed to knock Diakiese down and expose his neck, something that you cannot leave in full view of the Asturian. The Phenomenon put the knife between his teeth and applied a hold that subdued the Englishman and returned the man from Gijón to the path of victory. Álvarez stressed in a post-fight interview that such a tough opponent was not expected and that he wants to fight “as soon as possible”, which is why we will see him return to the Octagon before the end of the year.

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