Jannik Sinner Makes Fashion Statement at Wimbledon with Gucci Sports Bag

Wimbledon considered the most sacred of all tennis courts, it is known for its strict rules and manners: no swearing please and a strict dress code. You can find out here how Jannik Sinner made history by carrying a bag.

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The strict dress code includes the white of tennis clothing in the game, the clothing worn must have at least 90 percent white. So whoever shows up in eggshell or off-white will be penalized. A real miracle happens when the Italian tennis player Jannik Sinner showed up in his opening match with an accessory that was fashionable but unthinkable by Wimbledon standards. But he enters without hesitation Centre Court with the one specially designed for this competition sports bag the luxury brand Gucci. Unmissable with its red straps and beige patterns. A sight never seen before at Wimbledon.

The Australian tennis player has Nick Kyrgios Wore red shoes and a red cap at Wimbledon just last year… And has one for it Strafe from $14,000! It’s unbelievable that Sinner still dares to appear with such a fashion statement.

But apparently everything went right? The player’s team obtained three permits in advance so that Sinner could carry the bag: from the Wimbledon organizers, the International Tennis Federation (ITF) and the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP).

Jannik Sinner reveals to GQ: “Wimbleton is the most historic and respected tournament in tennis. The strict dress code is based on tradition, respect for the history of the sport and a desire to maintain formality.” And even if these traditions make Wimbledon so unique for him, he has probably taken a step towards the new generation with this fashionable appearance.

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