Investigation Underway: 16-Year-Old Boy Injured After FC Twente Match

The Grolsch Veste Photo: © Pro Shots

The police are currently investigating how a 16-year-old boy from Haaksbergen was injured on Thursday evening after the match between FC Twente and Hammarby. There were several rumors about the boy’s situation.

A video of the boy lying still on the asphalt outside the stadium was widely shared on social media. It led to many speculations. It would be a 13-year-old, a trauma helicopter would have been called and he would have to be resuscitated. None of that is correct, says spokesperson Chantal Westerhoff Tubantia. The boy was taken to hospital but was able to return home fairly quickly.

There was also a story that the boy was hit by a police car, containing dogs and their handlers. Westerhoff indicates that no indications have yet emerged that this is correct, although the investigation is still ongoing.

The police were present with dogs. “It was a chaotic situation. People were running and tumbling over each other. Witnesses we spoke to, however, did not see a collision,” said the spokesperson, who could not say whether the victim had already stated anything.


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