German Olympic application and the DOSB search for reasons for it

The German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) encourages Germany to apply for the Olympics. From this Friday onwards he is looking for reasons for this. An “involving dialogue concept”, which also includes activities on various internet platforms, is intended to give him an answer to the question over the summer break: Why?

In September it should be clear whether Germany is interested in summer or winter games with Hamburg, Berlin, Leipzig, North Rhine-Westphalia or Munich, yes, whether the country is even interested in the Olympic Games or rather the European Games, as they just took place in Krakow, or to apply for the Youth Olympic Games. Two to four of the cities and regions should apply together, plus locations for sailing, whitewater canoeing and possibly the equestrian competitions. At the end of the year, the general meeting of the umbrella organization should declare its willingness to apply. The concept should be ready in May 2024. The campaign logo is three empty speech bubbles in black, red and gold, the slogan is “Your idea. your games.”

In an interview distributed by the DOSB, DOSB President Thomas Weikert says that the most important thing is the answer from society as a whole to the question: Why do we want the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Germany? The association relies exclusively on existing sports facilities: “Germany has two functional Olympic stadiums. Why should we build another one?”

A swimming pool with ten lanes alone is to be set up temporarily in an exhibition hall or a stadium. One, two or three Olympic villages could be Olympia’s contribution to alleviating the housing shortage.

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Since the Munich Summer Games in 1972, Germany has applied or intended to apply for the Olympic Games seven times with Berchtesgaden, Munich, Berlin, Leipzig and Hamburg. The last attempts failed due to referendums in Munich and Hamburg.

For the Summer Games in 2036 – a hundred years after the first Olympic Games in Germany in Garmisch-Partenkirchen (winter) and Berlin (summer) opened by Adolf Hitler and taken over and shaped by the dictatorship of the National Socialists – or 2040, for the Winter Games in 2038 or 2042 an application must be submitted in the “Guard Rails of German Society” procedure.

From May 2024 onwards, according to the plans of the DOSB, the topic will be “emotionalized”. In autumn 2024 – after the European Football Championship in Germany and the Olympic Games in Paris – there should be a public vote in the candidate cities. If the outcome is negative, says Stephan Brause, head of the staff unit set up at the DOSB for any application and its preparation, the application will not go through. The association reports that market research across Germany shows that around seventy percent are in agreement with an Olympic application. The Olympia staff unit headed by Brause cooperates with the Sports Department of the Federal Ministry of the Interior.


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