Galván could not arrange his departure from Racing and Insua will not have him in Medellín

With a decimated defense, DT hoped to have the player who is negotiating his dismissal from the Academy. What happened.

Hours after getting on the plane to go face the first leg of the playoffs of the South American Cup, Ruben Dario Insua He received news and not exactly what he was looking forward to. Quite the opposite. El Gallego lit candles to count on the arrival of Jonathan Galván, who had been registered last Saturday on the list in good faith, but his separation from Racing was blocked and the deadlines ran out for the Cyclone.

It is a terrible novelty for the Barcelona coach. It is that he has decimated the defense to visit Independiente de Medellín this Wednesday. at the departure of Federico Gattoni at the end of last month, was added the suspension of Gastón Hernández due to the accumulation of reprimands and the tear suffered by Carlos Sánchez against River.

That is why Insua pressed to have it as soon as possible. That, in the end, is not going to happen and this Tuesday the Cuerva delegation will leave without the 31-year-old defender for Colombian lands. What happened?

Galván has not yet unlocked his departure from Racing, the club where he is on loan from Argentinos. Photo: AFP

From Boedo they maintain that the Cyclone had an agreement with both the footballer and Argentinos Juniors, owner of his pass, for a loan for 18 months. Nevertheless, Galván never finished unlocking his early departure from La Academiawhere he was on loan from El Bicho until December of this year.

In San Lorenzo they needed to receive all the signed documents to deliver them to Conmebol before 2:00 p.m. this Monday and thus enable them to play immediately. That did not happen because, at least for the moment, Galván continues without rescinding the Avellaneda institution.

In any case, the negotiation is not down and for now it is still standing. If he gets unstuck, San Lorenzo will add him and Galván will only be able to be used for the League Cup and for the round of 16 of the South American (if he qualifies) where San Pablo awaits.

For this Wednesday, with what he has, Insua must appeal to rearm the line of five men in the background as follows: Agustín Giay, Rafael Pérez, Gonzalo Luján, Gastón Campi and Malcom Braida.

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