FES and IAT endangered in their existence

The Institutes for Applied Training Science (IAT Leipzig) and for Research and Development of Sports Equipment (FES Berlin) wrote a passionate letter to the German Bundestag. Directors Michael Nitsch (FES) and Marc write that if the state subsidy for both institutions is reduced by EUR 4.014 million to EUR 17.2 million from the current EUR 21.215 million as announced in the draft budget for 2024, the institutes cannot be maintained in their current meaning -Oliver Löw (IAT) and the CEO Martin Engelhardt.

In order to at least maintain the general function, savings would have to be made as far as possible in project costs specific to the sport. Discontinuing all FES summer sports projects would not produce the necessary savings potential. In addition to the necessary savings in highly qualified personnel, migration is also to be expected. The institutes would be damaged as attractive employers for years to come.

If 19 percent of the budget were to be cut – compared to the generally targeted 6.4 percent in the budget – the decline in the number of medals won by German teams at the Olympic and Paralympic Games would also increase. If Germany actually wants to apply to host the Olympic and Paralympic Games, the successful performance of German athletes must be professionally prepared, especially with the IAT and FES institutes.

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In order to be able to achieve their goals, the institutes would at least need the continuation of the grant for the years 2022 and 2023 and the compensation for the increased project costs through a tariff increase.


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