Family Festival: Daycare Children Engage in Various Sports and Activities in Neuwied

Press release from 04.07.2023

Egg skating and throwing cans, football and choreography dancing, cross-country skiing and wooden gun shooting, judo grips and dry ice skating – the daycare children of all six daycare centers in the Neuwied district of Heddesdorf were able to try out all this and more.

From left: Marina Frenzel, day-care center social work HTZ, Christopher Pilz, Dance Studio Impuls, Benjamin Barkow, Judo Club Neuwied, Stefan Puderbach, movement manager district Neuwied, and Viktoria Nachtigall, day-care center social work HTZ. Photo: Eve Kita Pusteblume/Svenja Strotkamp

Neuwied. The eventful family festival as a cooperation between various sports providers, the day care center social workers of the Heilpedagogisch-Therapeutisches Zentrum (HTZ) and the movement manager of the Neuwied district administration with the city of Neuwied offered families a day to participate and have fun. Those who needed new energy after all the movement could make a stick bread from the boy scouts or nibble from the intercultural buffet.

The social space project with the Judo Club Neuwied eV and the Impuls Dance Studios found its crowning glory in the eventful family festival. The aim of the project was to offer children a wide range of exercise options in day-to-day daycare and thus promote the community, healthy development and cognitive performance.

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2023-07-04 16:30:40
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