Estella Badminton Club Shines at Top TTR Vitoria Sub 13, Sub 17, and Absolute Durana Tournament

(Tuesday, July 4, 2023) The Estella Badminton Club competed last weekend in Durana (Álava), in the Top TTR sub 13, 17 and absolute, in which the sisters Marta and Paula Larrión got on the podium, as runners-up and placed among the top 25 in the national ranking in women’s doubles under 13. In addition, Paula was third in singles.

We publish the chronicle and the photo sent by CB Estella, to whom we thank for their collaboration.

THE CBE, TOP TTR VITORIA SUB 13, SUB 17 AND ABSOLUTE DURANA The Estella Badminton Club was present at the TOP TTR Vitoria sub 13, sub 17 and absolute, which was held at the Durana Municipal Sports Center (Álava). The Larrión sisters continue to add points and climb to the podium, managing to be among the top 25 in the national ranking, in the sub 13 female doubles modality.

CBE Outstanding Results:


● Girls sub 13 doubles: Marta Larrión and Paula Larrión


● Under 13 female individual: Paula Larrión.

2023-07-04 09:48:54
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