Dreams Realized: Antonio Aixel Ramírez Brings Home Bronze at European Youth Olympic Festival

Dream come true for Antonio Aixel Ramírez and for Canarian judo with the new conquest at the European Youth Olympic Festival Maribor, Slovenia 2023. The member of the Bushican Judo Sports Club was selected by the Spanish Federation of Judo and DA to represent our country in the Cadet Olympics.

The athlete from Gran Canaria, with only 16 yearsafter an impeccable sporting career in this 2022/23 season, 3rd place in the Fuengirola European Cup, proclaiming himself champion of Spain, climbing to the top of the podium in the 2023 Coimbra European Cup, finishing in 2nd place and participating in the European Cadet Championship Odívelas Portugal, managed this Friday to put on the bronze medal at the Maribor Cadet Olympics, Slovenia 2023.

Four fights are what Aixel developed in this championship, of which he was victorious in three and one defeat in the semifinals. The bronze final did not give options to the rival from Kosovo, he was clear that this medal could not be escaped.

Currently, Aixel is ranked number 16 in the world ranking.

2023-07-28 20:22:57
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