Di Zeo formalized his candidacy for the presidency of Boca with an explosive slogan

One of the historic leaders of the Xeneize barrabrava had let his intention out in recent weeks.

Rafael Di Zeo made his candidacy for president of Boca official and chose an explosive motto to accompany his candidacy: “Everyone against Boca, Rafa against everyone”. This is how he left it exposed in a flyer that circulated through social networks, with his image and the colors blue and gold. At the beginning of the week, Clarion He had revealed his objective of being the Javier Milei of the politics of the Ribera group.

The flyer with the motto of Rafael Di Zeo’s candidacy for the presidency of Boca.

His has nothing to do with ideas of freedom or lowering inflation. Neither, a fight against the blue and gold caste. The leader of La Doce wants to compete because he knows that a place on the political scene will not only give him power in the stands; Also, indoors. The former barra brava (this is how he calls himself because he is free of guilt and criminal charges) believes in the theory of three thirds that Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner mentioned about the aspirations that the party he represents continue in command. And Di Zeo divides.

According to the inquiries he made Clarion, Rafa made a survey through a somewhat rudimentary online form. “National Active Members Survey” is the title of the email that some 3,000 affiliates received. With the multiple choice system, there are four items.

The online survey launched by Rafael Di Zeo to measure his chances in the presidential elections in Boca.

1) Would you vote for Mr. Rafael Di Zeo as Candidate for President of Club Atlético Boca Juniors?

2) With whom other leader would you be interested in running for the Elections in December 2023?

The options are Andres Ibarra, Juan roman riquelme, Jorge Reale, Martin Palermo, Carlos Tevez, José Beraldi y Jorge Ameal.

The online survey launched by Rafael Di Zeo to measure his chances in the presidential elections in Boca.

3) What urgent Stadium Expansion project would you like me to carry out?

4) What proposals would you be interested in immediately concretizing if you win the Elections?

“It added between 75 and 80% adhesion”, they say in the environment of Di Zeo. With one detail: the majority of those consulted are regulars of the popular, where Rafa dominates.

Di Zeo has one goal: to be a more potable candidate to support the winning list than to have his own flight to the presidential office at Brandsen 805. Is he a collector? Who does she take votes from? “The popular one supports Riquelme. If Rafa shows up with the support of 3 thousand guys, where do you think they are going to migrate?” confided a person who knows the xeneize bagel. In the environment of the idol vice president they do not see him as “negative”. Those who are next to him point out: “Rafa is alive. But if someone can take him where he does not want, it is not Román or Ameal.” Due to its Kirchnerist extraction, they believe that it will not “compromise” with macrismo.


Without going any further, he declared himself K, worked for Cristina and ate barbecue with the custody of the vice president, Diego Carbone. National politics is attentive. Sergio Massa has a close link with Riquelme and is very interested in keeping everything the same. And what would happen if the Minister of Economy loses the national elections? In the event that he wins, Patricia Bullrich, Macri’s dolphin, could be a weapon to negotiate. Not having control of the country, but that of Boca is not a small thing.

Fabio Cuggini, the first to viralize Di Zeo’s photo and announce that he will run for election, told Clarín: “I have been telling Rafa for a while that he has to run. I told him: ‘Why don’t you apply? Why don’t you do the great Raúl Gámez? You’re going to cover everyone’s mouth. Journalism will not be able to speak because you no longer have pending accounts with the Justice”.

Rafa 2023. Posters and parades in La Boca with Di Zeo who is launching himself fully as a candidate for president of the La Ribera club.

The hairdresser referred specifically to two causes that weighed on the bar’s hierarch and of which he was dismissed in February: the homicide of Marcelo Carnevale (33) y angel diaz (44), who were murdered in the vicinity of the Nuevo Gasómetro in 2013, and the cover-up aggravated by having allegedly facilitated the escape of Maximiliano Oetinger, third in the chain of command of La Doce, who was wanted for kidnapping for extortion.

In both cases, there were other bars involved. All were acquitted in court.

In this way, Di Zeo was able to return to the Bombonera after being part of the list of admission rights since 2016. Will Cuggini accompany him?

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