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“The Champions League is a matter of luck! That 4-0 of Napoli-Milan didn’t stay here in my throat, it stayed who knows where…”. Napoli president Aurelio De Laurentiis said it ironically, referring to last season’s knockout against the Rossoneri and thinking about the desire to make progress in the Champions League.

De Laurentiis spoke from Castel Di Sangro, where Napoli is retiring, in the presentation of a special stamp to celebrate the Napoli championship, printed by the Istituto Poligrafico e Zecca dello Stato and distributed by Poste Italiane. The blue patron also made fun of Marco Marsilio’s excitement for the next Champions League. “You Marsilio – he said – don’t have to make promises like a sailor in my place, because when you say the Champions League…”. In fact, Marsilio had said: “Abruzzo is honored to host the champions and to say that this is the land that can host the champions. And next year we want the European champions. I was at the press conference last year “, when the president promised the scudetto. It’s right to be ambitious, Napoli have shown that they can win and know how to win. Abruzzo have shown that they know how to build the conditions to train a team in the best possible way towards the championship”.

In the end, the Napoli patron challenged the governor on the influx of fans: “But you have to make a prayer: that the fans who arrive here exceed those who arrived in Trentino. You are in competition with the other regions. If they came to Trentino 80,000, we hope that 150,000 will come here”.

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2023-07-29 13:37:18
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