David Guion and Staff Lead Intense Training Session Ahead of Warm-Up Matches

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David Guion and his staff repair the two warm-up matches this week. This Monday at 10 a.m., his group trained at the training center in front of a hundred supporters who came to attend the session.

On the adjoining ground, the Girondins reserve team trains with Romain Ferrier, technical director and Erwan Lannuzel, freshly inducted coach of the National 3. Patrick Battiston, director of the training center, attends the youth session of this team.

It was on a well-watered lawn that the pro group made its appearance on the main field, without the internationals Davitashvili and Pitu, and without Vital Nsimba, absent from the field. In addition, Logan Delaurier-Chaubet is absent, he is finalizing his loan to QRM. Admar Lopes is not present on the pitch.

Note that the tractors of the grounds maintenance staff are actively working this morning, raking, draining and maintaining. We hear their noise in the background throughout the session. Finally, the temperature is ideal despite the heat, the weather is overcast.

Game and land

David Guion starts his session by reworking his group and the staff in the middle of the field. You have the training photos and videos directly on the WebGirondins Instagram account in stories.

Split into two groups, the players begin half-court turns. It is not known if the division of the players into two groups is instinctive. However, we notice a group made up of young people and players on the start (Bokele, Mwanga, Bakwa), and on the other the “holders” with the recruits, Rémi Oudin who has grown and Ignatenko. The 4 goalkeepers are training on their own for the moment with a specific goalkeeper in the presence of Straczek, Poussin Bedfian and Swiderski.

Thus, after a good 10 minutes of jogging, all the players play possession, passing and movement. The constraint is to touch the ball only twice maximum. David Guion’s assistant, André Monteiro, gives the instructions. Denis Zanko is not to be outdone and encourages “It’s good Mathias“, he says to the young De Amorim who makes his technique speak in this exercise.

The intensity is present, and the players are applied. It’s pretty consistent in terms of quality. After a good half hour of this exercise, the two groups set off again for a good 10-minute jog with more intensity. Organisms suffer, faces blush and sweat.

Gaëtan Poussin half away from the opposition

Then, an opposition is organized on a quarter of the field with three teams taking turns. The three goalkeepers: Bedfian, Strazcek and Swiderski participate. Gaëtan Poussin is kept out of this exercise. The former holder quietly continues to train with the goalkeeper coach before joining the locker room. The message is quite clear for the player trained at the Girondins, the staff does not count on him.

After 20 minutes, David Guion stops the game to correct his players: “There are not enough goals” he said, “Because we don’t hit enough on goal. As soon as you are in a striking position, give it a try! Need more goals and more initiative.” He also corrects the full-backs: “The full-backs must no longer participate in the game“, he concludes.

Vipi timide, Weissbeck précis

The message is passed and the end of the training is intensive. Malcom Bokele, still full of determination, sets the pace. He hits and scores. The Cameroonian international is still one of the players who give the most on the pitch, even in training.

On the rookie side, Zan Vipotnik, “Vipi” as he is nicknamed, is shy. His movements are limited and his success in front of goal also during this opposition.

Gaëtan Weissbeck plays high and delivers great passes. In addition, Mathias De Amorim, again, stands out in this exercise. Fast, he directs the game with a good quality. Note the beautiful goal of David Tebili in two stages against Starczek.

Finally, the Polish goalkeeper stood out at the end of the session with two missed kicks which led to goals against his team. “Rafal!” yells one of his teammates in spite.

End of session after 1h30 of work. The players are doing it again tonight at 5 p.m.


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