Cristina already knew Iván, her date on ‘First Dates’: “It sounds like Tinder to me”

Ivan is 50 years oldworks in digital marketing and comes from Barcelona to ‘First Dates’ with the clear intention of finding love and meeting a woman with whom he can have fun and share his day to day.

In the restaurant of love he has found Cristina, a 49-year-old woman who works as a salesperson in Barcelona and finds it difficult to open up to people, as she herself has recognized in her presentation video.

just seeing Ivan, Cristina has realized that she already knew him before: “It sounds like Tinder to me, having seen him like… wow, spectacular specimen”, he said, making it clear that the first impression had been more than good.

Cristina, delighted with Iván, her date in ‘First Dates’: “I like blacks and mulattoes”

“I like blacks and mulattoes…”, she said when Iván could not hear her and she showed herself again delighted with the choice that ‘First Dates’ had made with their date tonight.

Between Iván and Cristina there has been a lot of complicity from the beginning and most importantly, they liked each other. With that they already have the foundation of a relationship and the rest, if they want, they will have to build it in other dates.

The appointment has gone wonderfully and the complicity between the couple has been evident from the first moment. Things have been heating up and they have even been encouraged to talk about their sexual fantasies.

Already in the room in which both had to make their final decision, both Iván and Cristina have shown themselves to be accomplices. The two have decided to continue to meet outside of ‘First Dates’ and they left the show together.


2023-07-13 20:42:32
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