Cēsis 817: A Celebration of Culture, Sports, and Music

Today, in celebration of Cēsis city holiday “Cēsis 817”, the historical Hansa market will be held in Rose Square. The traditional market of homemakers and artisans will be held on Rīgas Street and Līvu Square, where Cēsis amateur art collectives will delight those gathered with their performance. On the other hand, there will be a design market in the “Mala” art space, and a flea market in the Skola6 yard.

This morning there will be a special program for children and families at the Castle square. It will be possible to exercise together with fairy-tale characters, watch the Cēsi theater play “Hey, Vardulēn!”, and also have the opportunity to participate in various creative workshops and other activities. On the other hand, at the end of the program, children’s vocal ensembles, students of the A. Kalniņas Music High School will perform, as well as a concert by the musicians Marta Ritova and Gustavas Kalėjas.

Today and tomorrow, various sports competitions and activities will take place at Cēsis City Stadium, including beach volleyball, 3×3 floorball, basketball and the “four seasons” run.

Sports activities are also planned for fans of extreme sports. The “BTA Pump Track Championship 2023 | Cēsu stage” will be held on the “Velosolutions” bike track or pump track at 1 Valmieras street from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., in which representatives of all ages and skill levels are invited to participate with various riding equipment. On the other hand, the “Dynami:t Jam” competition, organized by the Cēsu County Youth Council, will take place in the nearby Cēsu skate park from 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Today’s sports program is complemented by fun traditional entertainment – summer skiing “Ziedošas skikes”, radio model competitions, chess and insole tournaments.

In the afternoon, the “Cēsis 2025” studio will be opened in Vienības Square, inviting the citizens of Cēsis and various holiday guests to talks.

The evening program in Cēsu Pils Park is filled with a wide range of offers for real music lovers. The evening will start with a concert by the students of the Popular and Jazz Music Department of A. Kalniņa Music Secondary School. In the future, such recognizable artists as Ieva Kerevicas and the big band “Cēsis”, the group “Rīmdari” and the group “Lůvůlīgais tipis” are expected on the stage.

At the end of the evening, balls for different musical tastes are available. There will be a green ball with brass band “Cēsis” and friends in Rose Square, a silent ball in Vienības Square with DJ Brumo, DJ da Bass and DJ Vento, followed by a ball with DJ DidzisKo. On the other hand, a green ball with the band “Stradivari” and a ball with DJ Vento in the Palace Park.

Photo: Paula Churkste/LETA, illustrative


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