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Fernando Alonso is not shining as expected in Austria. The improvements that Aston Martin introduced in Canada and that the Asturian driver squeezed so well there, have not had the same effect on the long straights of the Red Bull Ring and this Saturday the two-time world champion Formula 1 has struggled to close the top five in the first race of the weekend, a 24-lap sprint that has been very intense and has been affected by rain. After the difficult qualifying session held on Friday, he is aware that this time the podium is a less realistic objective. He has six in the previous eight races. “It doesn’t seem like our best circuit in terms of competitiveness. But this Saturday, with Lance fourth and me fifth, we have achieved good points for the team. Adding three more than Ferrari and eight more than Mercedes is a good result for Aston Martin”, has valued.

This Saturday Alonso started sixth due to Leclerc’s suspension and he risked a maneuver from the outside at the start, but he ran into Norris’s McLaren and lost several positions that it was difficult for him to overcome: “Turn three has been chaos. Maybe Lando’s anti-stall popped and there was some trouble.. I had to go outside in the escape to also avoid Albon “, she summarized.

Stroll has won the position and from here a beautiful fight between the two Aston Martins has begun, in which the Canadian has gotten away with it: “You always contain a little when you fight with your partner, you take extra care. He would have needed one more lap, a chance with DRS. I was fast in turn seven but it wasn’t a good spot. He was tight but it was fun ”, he explained.

On the possibility of mounting dry tires at the end of the race following the strategy of some drivers, Alonso has recognized that “”either we thought, we doubted, but you had to recover 20-22 seconds in just six laps. The fact that Nico spent a second in front of me and finished a second behind shows that the total time in the race would have been similar”, the Asturian driver analyzed.

In the key of Sunday, Alonso has stressed that the objective again is to overcome their direct rivals; mercedes and ferrari. “Tomorrow it will be difficult again, with a dry race surely and some very fast Ferraris, but if we add more points than them and Mercedes, it will be another good Sunday”, he concluded.

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