Aston Martin punctures Alonso’s bubble: is ’33’ already impossible?

“Don’t worry, guys. Now better weekends are coming for us“. Fernando Alonso encouraged the entire Aston Martin team after seventh place achieved at Silverstone, just a few meters from the headquarters of the British team.

The closeness implied the greatest illusion, but UK glory went to McLaren and Lando Norris, second in the British GP. To a lesser extent, Lewis Hamilton, who has cut the distance in the general classification with the third place that the Spaniard occupies to 16 points.

Alonso, resigned: “We were slow all weekend”

The Asturian’s attitude reflects his effort to contain the emotional pothole at Aston Martin, which coincides with the rise of other manufacturers such as McLaren or even Williamsbut above all Mercedes, which already occupies the second position in the Constructors’ World Championship.

A decline caused by the lesser performance of Lance Stroll that Alonso made up for with a sequence of podiums. This magnificent performance, with the exception of the Spanish GP, he had unleashed the euphoria for the ’33rd’ victory of the two-time world champion.

Strive to be the best of mortals

The bubble of an immediate victory has been punctured, but due to natural causes. Aston Martin’s main goal has been more than achieved: to go from being one of the worst teams on the grid to competing as the best of mortals behind Red Bull.

Even the team that leads the championship (411 points compared to 203 for Mercedes and 181 for Aston Martin) has seen how its rivals have closed the gap. Although for the moment, nobody has been able to knock down the ‘alien’ Verstappen. Only his partner ‘Checo’ Pérez in Saudi Arabia.

However, the Mexican is far from the regularity of the current champion. At Silverstone he had to perform a comeback operation again after stay for the fifth consecutive race out of Q3. Actually, if it weren’t for Verstappen, the season has been one of the most exciting in living memory.

Fernando Alonso leaves the Aston Martin ‘box’ at the UK GP. CHRISTIAN BRUNA / EFE

Alonso’s high self-demand and the ’33’

The improvements introduced in the last great prizes have altered the favouritisms. In this new stage, Aston Martin has not been able to evolve at the same level as rivals like McLaren, although some of the latest circuits They have not been favorable to the benefits of the AMR23 either..

Fernando Alonso: “Let’s hope the new wing helps us”

“We finished seventh. Probably better than the speed we’ve had. So well done. Thanks guys,” Alonso told his teammates, aware of the high demand that was imposed for the triumphant performance at the start of a brand that has made a giant leap in a matter of months.

It is important to check the resilience of Aston Martin. After taking a setback in Barcelona, Alonso was second in Montreal. Only in Australia and Great Britain has the Spaniard been off the podium. What has not been lost in the fluctuation of results is competitiveness.

The good working environment at Aston Martin

In addition, the Silverstone-based team has in its favor A good work environment and close collaboration between all departments. Opposite climate to which Alonso lived in Alpine. Hungary looms on the horizon, “where we will reap a good result”, the Spanish pilot envisioned, aware that The Hungaroring is a layout that favors Aston Martin due to its characteristics.

“I’m not concerned with the development of the car. We will fight to the end against Mercedes and Ferrari,” Alonso insisted. The idea of ​​’work in progress’ was reinforced by Mike Krack, director of the team, after the UK GP: “This weekend we had to limit damage. We weren’t strong, but we got more points than Ferrari.”.

Fernando Alonso, during practice for the British GP. ANDREJ ISAKOVIC / AFP

The comparisons with the ‘Scuderia’ are essential, above all because in the team of Carlos Sainz An opposite environment reigns, with crossed strategies between the Spanish and Leclerc that do not favor either.

The ‘cavallinos’ conceded at Silverstone the worst result of the season since Australia: the two cars left without points. Sainz feels displaced in his own team. The tension is evident. “Very nice overtaking”the Monegasque driver told the Madrid driver ironically after Sainz passed him on the preparation lap of Q2 at Silverstone.

“How come 33?”: Fernando Alonso’s obsession with winning again with Aston Martin unleashes euphoria

Hungary, a circuit to return to the old ways

Alonso lives in a paradise if his situation is analyzed coldly. From that tranquility you can build the challenge of Hungarian GP, ​​where it will have a fast and narrow layout. Top speed will cease to be a fundamental argument and traction or entry into slow curves, virtues of the AMR23, will gain importance.

Snapshot of the UK GP, with Fernando Alonso’s Aston Martin in the foreground. ANDREJ ISAKOVIC / AFP

Then the Belgian GP will come and Aston Martin will have to swim against the current again. However, among the 12 races remaining on the calendar, the circuits of Zandvoort (Netherlands) or urban Marina Bay (Singapore) will once again be conducive to Alonso’s aspirations. Key points in the fight for the ’33’, turned into a long-term goal and subject to a bad day for Verstappen.

Is the Dutch human? He rarely shows it. In qualifying for the UK GP he damaged the front end at the pit exit. Like an earthly being coming out of a parking lot. Untill there. As soon as he enters the track with something at stake, the rest of the participants resign themselves to fighting for the remains. And at this increasingly requested banquet, Alonso and Aston Martin want to be the first to put something in their mouths.

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