Annual Summer Activities at 4 Community Centers of the City to Promote Sports and Learning

The 4 Community Centers of the city will be developed

By: Victor Gonzalez

Parral.- As every year, the municipal DIF carries out summer holidays in the 4 community centers of the city to bring children closer to sports and learning activities, this with the purpose of occupying their time in positive activities, as well announced the director of the unit Larissa Martínez.

He said that it will be a whole week from 9 in the morning to 1 in the afternoon from June 10 to 14 when this activity will take place in the community centers of the Héroes de la Revolución, Almanceña, Tecnológico and Juárez neighborhoods.

He said that the invitation is general for all children and that those who live near these community centers generally attend, and that the capacity in each of them ranges from 50 to 60 children who practice judo, soccer, painting and crafts, among other activities.

In addition to this, the official said, there is the support of other municipal departments such as Urban Development, which will give talks on caring for the environment, or INMUDEPA in the case of sports activities and IMJUVE in what corresponds to painting and crafts. Therefore, it extended the invitation to parents and to the children themselves to participate.

2023-07-07 21:07:39
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