Amnesty International Asks Gerrard to Speak Out on Arab Human Rights Cases


Steven Gerrard continued his coaching career in Saudi Arabia. Amnesty International urged Al Ettifaq’s new trainer to talk about human rights cases in Arabia.

Gerrard was announced as the new coach of Al Ettifaq, Monday (3/7/2023). The former Liverpool captain reportedly received a salary of 10 million pounds in the Petro Dollar Country.

Not only a big salary, Gerrard is also equipped with abundant transfer funds from Al Ettifaq. nicknamed club The Commandos it does want to compete with other top Saudi Arabian teams for the 2023/2024 season.



Al Ettifaq even plans to bring in top players from European clubs. Jordan Henderson and Philippe Couthinho, both former Gerrard team-mates at Liverpool, are targets.

Steven Gerrard’s move to Al Ettifaq was highlighted by Amnesty International UK Director for Economic Affairs, Peter Frankental. He accuses Saudi Arabia of committing sportswashing and asked Gerrard to discuss the matter.

Saudi Arabia is accused of violating human rights, curbing press freedom, imprisoning activists, and discriminating against LGBT people. Frankental sees efforts to bring in star players as Saudi Arabia’s effort to clean up the country’s image through football.

“The rush of players and coaches to join Saudi Arabian football clubs on lucrative contracts is more evidence that laundering of Saudi sports is on the rise,” said Frankental. Daily Mail.

“Across a variety of sports and multiple formats, the Saudi state is deploying large sums of money to wash its deeply tarnished image of sport and distract from its appalling human rights record,” he added.

“Under Mohammed bin Salman, there has been a terrifying human rights crackdown, with peace activists jailed, 196 people executed last year, and still no justice after the murder of Jamal Khashoggi. The Saudi strategy in football appears to be stepping up with big names to create momentum bid to host the 2030 World Cup.”

“FIFA must apply a rigorous human rights risk assessment to any Saudi bid for 2030, but we also need to see FIFA, star players and high-profile managers like Steven Gerrard speak about Saudi Arabia’s appalling human rights record,” Peter said. Frankental.

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