A hundred children in the Bilbao Euskal Pilota Kluba hand and shovel

Sunday, July 9, 2023, 01:00


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The third project that is already underway in the Biscayan capital is the Bilbao Euskal Pilota Kluba promoted by the Biscayan Federation. After its current managers took office in 2020, they carried out a diagnosis of the situation of this sport in the town and verified that for five years it had lacked fan activity except for a few loopholes in Deportivo, which had suffered from the period of the pandemic.

They got to work with recruiting campaigns in schools and currently have close to a hundred children aged between eight and thirteen years. As a first step, they carried out a study of all the pediments in the city, both in their schools and in the municipal facilities. In March of last year they began to present the project in educational centers with the aim of offering sport as an extracurricular activity. The proposal had a notable acceptance and there were seven schools that gave the go-ahead to the proposal.

certain dexterity

Classes began last September, so they have already covered a course. During the first four months, until the youngsters acquired some skill, days were organized between the groups of the schools so that they became accustomed to the competition. From then on it was when those who had a certain level and desire began to play matches in the territory.

Those responsible have an agreement with the Sports club to teach shovel once the youngsters finish the school stage, and they will look for a facility in which to continue with the hand activity.

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