“You know what to do, don’t you?”

The last edition of the Champions League, won by Real Madrid, was one of the most spectacular in the history of the white team, especially due to the difficult comeback path against other European football giants that they had to face until the final in Paris.

That fourteenth is already very special for all Madrid fans and this Monday on the club’s television channel the fans had the opportunity to relive those magical months that they concluded with the victory against Liverpool in May 2022 in Paris that brought one more drink to their showcases.

‘In the heart of the fourteenth’ is the new installment of the documentary that the club traditionally produces every time Madrid wins a Champions League, something that has become commonplace in recent years.

It shows exclusive internal images of the team during the concentration prior to the final, interspersed with locker room moments and match summaries of the epic comebacks of the knockout phase.

Between messages of encouragement, analysis of the matches, dances, laughter and anger, there is an image, already in the hours before the final in Paris, which has been highly commented on social networks.

This is one of the moments in which Florentino Pérez greets the players one by one, something he does on several occasions during the documentary.

At that moment, when it was his turn to greet Vinícius, the president said something to him: “You know what to do, don’t you?”ask.

And Vini, for sure, answers “yes, win”. However, that was not what the white president wanted from one of his star strikers.

“Take off your earring,” he tells her, in reference to the earrings that the Brazilian wears in his earswhich causes laughter from Vinícius and his companions.

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