Yonex Releases Fiore 07: A New Women’s Golf Club with Improved Distance and Accuracy

Yonex has released a new women’s golf club, the Fiore 07. Fiore 07 is the 7th version of Fiore released in Korea, and it is a product developed by thoroughly reflecting the needs of female golfers in Korea.

The Fiore 07 driver is focused on improving the distance of female golfers with slow swing speeds. The light weight of the club (driver standard 258g) helps to comfortably increase swing speed and reach maximum distance. In addition, by applying Yonex’s unique head face vertical polishing method, directionality can be increased and additional flight distance can be expected.

Irons are characterized by maximizing the sweet spot. By expanding the repulsive area in the heel and toe areas, the distance loss can be minimized even if a miss shot occurs. It is also noteworthy that the low center of gravity of the club has been realized for female golfers who do not easily lift the ball. The iron consisted of a total of 7 pieces starting from number 6, P, A, and S.

The shaft uses RX-F22K and NAMD materials, which incorporate Yonex’s proud carbon technology, to help secure a stable flight distance and trajectory.

Coach Pak Se-ri, a public relations ambassador for Yonex golf, said in an interview, “Yonex clubs are definitely comfortable, and I have a good understanding of carbon technology used in tennis and badminton for a long time, so I think I applied it well to golf.”

Reporter Jeong Won-il [email protected]

2023-06-28 00:12:33
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