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Xiyuan Community Creates a Cultural Front to Enrich Residents’ Lives

Source: Bianliang Evening News

Author: Wang Lanlan

Release time: 2023-06-03 11:02:22

All-media reporter Wang Lanlan reported that in order to enhance the environmental protection awareness of young people in the jurisdiction and cultivate their low-carbon living habits, on June 1, Xiyuan Community, Wuyi Street, Gulou District, launched a special “June 1” themed activity in the community square.

During the activity, more than 20 teenagers and children from Xiyuan Community used their imagination to “transform” old newspapers into shorts, hats or vests. Afterwards, they wore their own “dresses” and walked on model steps for a clothing display. The activities not only improved the creativity and hands-on ability of children, but also enhanced their awareness of environmental protection.

Xiyuan Community often holds such activities, and residents actively participate. It is understood that in order to meet the spiritual and cultural needs of the residents in the jurisdiction, Xiyuan Community has given full play to its advantages and proceeded from reality to form a cultural team, create cultural classrooms, carry out a variety of cultural and sports activities, and create a community with a wide range of people and a high level of art. level of culture.

Yan Lihong, the director of Xiyuan Community, said that in order to promote the prosperity and development of community culture, the community is looking for cultural leaders in the jurisdiction and forming a cultural team for residents. Today, the community has established 10 teams including Sunset Red Choir, Happy and Carefree Dance Team, Lida Folk Dance Art Troupe, Gate Team, Tai Chi Team, and Voice of Spring Saxophone Ensemble.

“The square after the expansion of the community covers an area of ​​8,000 square meters. There are basketball courts, table tennis courts, gate courts, badminton courts, children’s play areas, outdoor dance squares and other venues. There are also popular science knowledge, clean government culture, and national unity.” Good daughter-in-law, good mother-in-law” and “Civilized Family” and other publicity columns. Relying on different festivals, the community will carry out different forms of cultural activities, hold annual community sports games, art festivals and other special activities to enrich the cultural life of residents.” Yan Lihong said , Building a community cultural front is an important way to enhance residents’ sense of identity, belonging, and happiness. Next, the community will make good use of its cultural front to provide residents with richer cultural services and a platform to showcase themselves, and truly open up the “last mile” of serving residents.

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