With photo series: This is how JC Koriouchi jumps to third place

The JC Koriouchi Gelsenkirchen prevailed against the judo team Hanover with 9:5. How the tactic works in the first home fight of the season.

With a 7:7 at TSV Bayer 04 Leverkusen, JC Koriouchi Gelsenkirchen started the season in the 2nd Judo Bundesliga Northwest in March. On the first day of home combat this year, the martial artists grabbed the next two points. With 9:5 (84:50) they prevailed against the judo team Hanover.

After the 6:8 in Mönchengladbach, the Gelsenkirchen team made it to third place with these two points: “Everything is fine,” says JC Koriouchi President Erhan Baz.

After fighting in the first round, Mohsen Gaffar’s team was ahead 4:3, in round two the tactics of the Gelsenkirchen team worked.

JC Koriouchi Gelsenkirchen: Two bad news before the day of the fight

On this day of the fight, however, there were initially two bad news. Captain Jasper Olthoff signed off injured and, like Dutchman Lennart Most, was unable to play against the Hanoverians. But the hosts initially gained a 4:3 lead in the sports hall of the Berger Feld comprehensive school.

Lucian Gumny (-60 kg), Axel Limberg (-66 kg), Christian Hellinger (-81 kg) and Markus van Dijk (-90 kg) left the mat with victories. Inferior were Mikail Baz (+100 kg), David Jannik Wien (-73 kg) and Alexander Ananjew (-100 kg).

For the second round, trainer Mohsen Gaffar put Markus van Dijk and Joel Lennox Herrmann in the higher weight classes, and it paid off. Markus van Dijk won in the -100 kg class 7:0 against his Hanoverian opponent, Joel Lennox Herrmann (-90 kg) prevailed 10:0. Erik Grinkin (-60 kg) and Axel Limberg (-66 kg) also won their fights. Mikail Baz (+100 kg) and Abdullo Azizov (-73 kg) were inferior.

The Gelsenkircheners are expecting the Braunschweiger JC on Saturday, June 24th at 5 p.m. for the next day of fighting in the 2nd Judo Bundesliga. The Lower Saxony are in sixth and last place after two matches played so far.

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