U21 EURO: Racist slurs against Moukoko and Ngankam

Status: 06/22/2023 11:47 p.m

Youssoufa Moukoko and Jessic Ngankam missed penalties in the Germany U21s’ 1-1 draw against Israel at the start of the European Championship. Moukoko then reports massive racist insults against both of them.

The German U21 internationals Youssoufa Moukoko and Jessic Ngankam were massively racially insulted on social media after they missed penalties at the start of the European Championship.

“If we win, we are all Germans. If we lose, these monkey comments come. Jessic got them, I got them. Things like that just don’t belong in football,” said 18-year-old Moukoko after the 1-1 draw (1:1) of the German team at the start of the European Football Championship against Israel.

Both the Dortmunder and Ngankam from Hertha BSC had missed a penalty in the game in Georgia. For defending champion Germany it was only enough for a draw to start the tournament.

“Time to take a stand against it”

“We don’t shoot extra, we try to help the team. When you get messages like that, it’s disgusting,” said Moukoko, who was born in Cameroon. “It hurt this time. No player misses a penalty.” Moukoko reported that he was repeatedly confronted with such comments. “Slowly it’s enough. It’s about time that a sign was set against it,” he demanded.

National coach Antonio Di Salvo also condemned the attacks. You can’t control everything on the Internet, but “there should definitely be a penalty. That’s absurd.” The coach defended his players. “These are guys who love to play for Germany, who are Germans and give their all for the country,” said Di Salvo. That’s why he was personally shocked and disappointed. “Any kind of racism and discrimination is the bottom drawer, it doesn’t work at all,” he clarified.


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