They present a new project with Diego Maradona on digital platforms

The world soccer legend disembarks in NFT and Metaverso by the company Maradona Association.

Diego Armando Maradona arrives on digital platforms./ For the first time, the world soccer legend will have his landing on NFT and Metaverso and promises to cause a revolution. Through the company Maradona Association, the Ten will have its “exclusive collectible virtual cards” that will be sold worldwide. The second stage of the project contemplates the implementation of Metaverse and Artificial Intelligence, which for the first time will be associated with Maradona.

The official launch of the NFTs and the project will be next Friday, June 23 at 1:00 p.m. at the Hotel Scala in the San Telmo neighborhood. Rita Mabel Maradona, president of Sattvica, the company that owns Diego Maradona’s image trademark rights and which signed the agreement for the launch of the NFTs, will be present at the launch. Her other four sisters, who were specially invited to the event, will also be there. At the ceremony, you will be able to see part of the exclusive material that will go on sale the same day, as well as videos that were made with Artificial Intelligence technology.

The images that will be projected were edited with AI and this allowed dialogues between the Maradona who made his debut in the First Division, at the age of 16, and the Diego Maradona who was World Champion in 1986. An experience that promises to be unique and that also has a charitable purpose. At the express request of Diego’s sisters, part of the proceeds from the sale of the NFTs and the videos will be donated to different entities in the Fiorito neighborhood.

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