The tremendous story of Tomás Etcheverry, the Argentine surprise at Roland Garros

Thomas Etcheverry continues his meteoric rise on the ATP circuit and after comfortably defeating Yoshihito Nishioka achieved the pass to the quarterfinals of Roland Garros, where before Alexander Zverev he will seek to get into the top four of the tournament that gives his dog his name. I know the particular history of him.

The beginnings of Etcheverry’s career: how he got to know tennis and the comparison with Del Potro

from At payment and a fan of gymnastics he did not take up the sport due to a family heritage issue (son of two lawyers) but for a toy which was given to him when he was five years old. Within the framework of a vacation to Cariló, he was given a stick with a ball; with which she fell madly in love with discipline.He played with her four hours every day. He hit the ball alone and did not stop. When I returned home, I asked my parents for tennis lessons and that’s how it all started.”explained in dialogue with Clarion.

Only 24 years old and with an imposing height of 1.96 meters.brought from a very young age compared to Juan Martín del Potro for his great power but also tremendous agility which places him as one of the most complete tennis players within the new breed.

The day Etcheverry ended up in a cell in Germany

Novak Djokovic fanwhom he faced in the Masters 1000 in Rome and with whom he stars in a curious storyhad agradual ascent through the Challenger circuit in 2021 that suddenly stopped overnight. The reason became known several weeks later, since had been deported from the European continent for having exceeded 90 days of stay in countries that belong to the European Economic Community.

It is because of that he was arrested at Cologne Airport, Germany, and sent to a cell inside his commissary for more than 24 hours before being released; thanks to the intervention of his family and emissary of the ATP.

They told me they had to deport me and I panicked. They treated me well but I felt like a criminal. As soon as they released me, I took the first plane and came to Argentina. With the pandemic it is not easy but I found one that from Istanbul with a stopover in Rio. In Türkiye I was eleven hours waiting for the flight. Time didn’t pass anymore: I slept on the floor and I was still afraidhe told El Día de La Plata.

What happened to Tomás Etcheverry’s sister

Upon returning to the country, his odyssey did not end, since COVID-19 was detected and he had to extend the hard time he was going through even more. I hadn’t seen my family for seven months. I was surprised when he tested me positive. In Europe and the United States I took endless swabs for covid and they were all negative. I was asymptomatic but, as the protocol indicates, they took me to a hotel in Buenos Aires in a special taxi.”he explained.

He participated with great success in the Challenger circuit throughout South America and In April 2022, after being a finalist in the Challenger in Mexico, he entered the Top 100 of the world ranking for the first time.; which definitely got him into the great sport tour. That year he had a hard blow in his family life: the illness and death of his sister Magalí, at 32 years old after an arduous fight with breast cancer..

Etcheverrry a few days later dedicated his victory over Aslan Karatsev to him, in the first round of the ATP 250 in Tel Aviv. I am going through a very hard time personally as a result of the death of my sister, who fought like a lioness to the end against cancer. Hence this win. My dedication was for her, who was surely encouraging me from heavenhe recounted after breaking the seven-month streak without winning on the ATP circuit.

The incredible present of Tomás Etcheverry

Already in this 2023, he was completely consolidated within the famous circuit and so far this year he was able to get into the finals of the ATP 250 DE Santiago and ATP 250 Houston, in which he fell to Nicolás Jarry and Francis Tiafoe -respectively- in two definitions. He entered the 49th place in the world ranking a Roland Garrosa name that is not only synonymous with several of the greatest joys in national tennis but also with his dogshowed his best version so far in his career.

In his first four matches he advanced without dropping a set along the way and dropped two Top 20 players en route to the quarterfinals.. In the first round he prevailed over Jack Draper por walkover before winning back-to-back Alex de Minaur (19°) and Borna Coric (16°) before overwhelmingly defeating Yoshihito Nishioka to bite your ticket to the eight best of the tournament.

I can’t believe it, it’s a dream for me, Thank you for all the love from the public and my family and my team. We are going to continue, rest and be ready for the next match.”said Etcheverry, who beat his Japanese rival 7-6 (10-8), 6-0 and 6-1.

In addition, the national tennis player, who will play the next round with the German Alexander Zverev (27th), dedicated the victory to his people:I know there are many Argentines here, I want to thank them for all the support, they don’t know what it feels like on the pitch. This victory is for them and for all the people who are supporting in Argentina.

He concluded with a new dedication to his sister, who is still more than present during his matches. “Lately I am always asking my sister for strength and I know that she always gives me strength. Today at an important moment in a serve I told her: ‘Please, Magui. Help me’, and she helped me. I hit an acehe confessed with great emotion.

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