Spain has no mercy on Panama and puts seven in Avilés

Spain: Mass; Ona Battle, Codina, Jana, Olga Carmona; María Pérez, Irene Guerrero, Putellas; Cardona, Navarro, Esther.

Changes: Esther, min. 46, by Redondo. Irene Guerrero, min. 46, by Maite Oroz. Sluts, min. 61, by Zorzona. Jana, Min. 61, by Fiamma. Codeine, min. 61, by Rocio. Cardona, min. 61, by Athena.

Panama: Bailey; Castillo, Espinosa, Pinzón, Baltrip, Jaen; Gonzalez, Montenegro, Cox; Riley, Mills.

Changes: Espinosa by Salazar, min. 46. ​​Cox, min. 61, by Tanner. Mills, min. 61, by Cedeno. Montenegro, min.76, Quintero. Riley, min. 88, by Hernandez.

Goals: 1-0, min. 6: Esther. 2-0, min. 22: Sluts 3-0, min. 27: Espinosa, in her own right. 4-0, min. 35: Guerrero, penalty. 5-0, min. 42: Eva Navarro. 6-0, min. 43: Esther. 7-0, min. 68: Athena.

Referee: Antoniou (Greece). No cards.

Roman Suarez Puerta: 3,611 spectators.

Bath and massage of the Spanish women’s team in Avilés. Jorge Vilda’s men did what they wanted against a Panama that hardly even showed up for the match. From the initial whistle the Spanish imposed their game and already in the 6th minute they took the lead thanks to a goal from Esther. The previous test before the World Cup could not go better for some players who sharpened their fangs for the real challenge that awaits them in Australia and New Zealand. The game could not have started better for Spain. In minute 6, Esther took advantage of a disconnection from the Panamanian defense to break away from the central defenders and, with a good header, put La Roja ahead on the scoreboard. The goal from the Real Madrid striker was the first warning of what was going to be seen throughout the match. Panama, which came out with a scheme of five defenses to try to survive the Spanish siege, could not even bail out the water.

The chances were piling up on Jorge Vilda’s side. The left wing became a highway for Olga Carmona, who did what she wanted with the Panamanian defense. Along with her, Marta Cardona also shone with her own light, who did not stop finding spaces in the gap between lateral and central. Everything was going wonderfully for the Spanish, who were very comfortable on the field.

Alexia Putellas, who started as a starter despite still limping from her injury, also shone. It is noted that he lacked filming, but despite this he left several pearls, a sample of his quality. In the 22nd minute, the two-time Ballon d’Or player connected with Irene Guerrero, the MVP of the match, and after receiving a great bounced pass, the FC Barcelona player invented a subtle Vaseline that Bailey could do nothing about.

Putellas’ goal uncovered the bottle of essences. From his goal to the referee’s whistle to send the players to the locker room, it was a monologue from the Spanish team. First it was Olga Carmona, who placed a cross with a lot of poison that Espinosa, in an error in the clearance, was in charge of putting into his own goal. In minute 35, Pinzón caused a resounding penalty on Eva Navarro that Irene Guerrero, in a show of stripes, was in charge of sending into the back of the net after a shot to her left. The Panamanians were still looking for air after so many slaps in the face when Eva Navarro took advantage of another serious mistake by Bailey, who was not able to hunt down a Carmona cross, to seal the little hand to an empty goal.

But Spain wanted more. The repetition of the Suárez Puerta score had not gone away when Esther made the second of her own personal account after finishing off a great pass from Cardona’s death. In the light he looked an indisputable 6-0 and the Spanish had not even disheveled.

In the second half, the game script was the same. Spain continued to dominate, this time without showing so much bite up front, but controlling everything that happened in the match. Panama still did not stalk Misa’s goal nor did it seem like it would do so throughout the match. It was the changes that gave the meeting a little more spice. Vilda followed the example of Luis Enrique and placed María Pérez, who until now had been playing as a pivot, as a center back, à la Rodri, and brought on Athenea, who did not want to leave Avilés without celebrating a goal. The Real Madrid winger caught a ball inside the area and launched a shot that the goalkeeper could do nothing about. Not even the light at Suárez Puerta was prepared for this feast of goals, since when Athenea’s ball fell into the back of the net several of the stadium spotlights went out, leaving the field with a dim light reminiscent of the typical pachangas summer with friends.

And so, with the light at half gas, Avilés said goodbye to Spain. The test against Panama served for Jorge Vilda’s men to polish their scoring nose, although it remains to be seen the performance that the Spanish will have at a defensive level, where they have not been required. The sensations could not be better, taking into account that the rival is one of the teams participating in the World Cup, and self-esteem right now is through the roof. Now the mind can only think about what will happen, in a few weeks, in Australia and New Zealand. From Asturias those of Jorge Vilda leave blessed.

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