Quiz: do you remember the last season of European football without Messi and Ronaldo?

Six months after Cristiano Ronaldo left for Saudi Arabia, it’s Lionel Messi’s turn to leave Europe. The now ex-PSG player has joined David Beckham’s American club, Inter Miami.

After having spent 20 and 19 seasons respectively in the major European leagues, Ronaldo and Messi leave behind them an indelible mark of an extraordinary domination of world football, with more than 700 goals scored each.

The last season in which neither of these two players martyred European defenses dates back to 2001/2002, 21 years ago, CR7 having made their professional debut in September 2002.

Le Parisien invites you to test your knowledge in ten questions about the 2001/2002 season, which ended with Brazil’s victory in the World Cup. Answer each of them and get more information on the subject before knowing, at the end, your result.


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