Quimsa and Santiago del Estero receive the Final Four of the Women’s South American League

This Saturday, June 10 and Sunday, June 11, the definition of the South American tournament will be played at the Ciudad stadium.


Santiago del Estero will host this weekend Final Four of the Women’s South American League. The definition of the title, which will have to Third as the Argentine protagonist, will be held between Saturday and Sunday at the City stadium.

This Friday there will be a press conference starting at 7:00 p.m. at the Bicentennial Cultural Center to present the event.

The merged squad led by Damián Sayago will have the guards Rocío Estrada, Camila Lignac, Candela Foresto and Sofía Cabrera, the perimeter will be made up of Sofía Acevedo, Lorena Campos from Santiago and the experience of Andrea Boquete, while the inmates will be Magalí Vilches, Julieta Mungo, Malvina D’agostino, Celia Fiorotto and the youthful Clara Della Rosa. Regarding the previous home run, Candela Foresto and Magalí Vilches joined instead of Andrea “Toti” Ledesma (low due to injury).


The coach Damián Sayago said “We are looking forward to the start of the game, we have been working very well tactically and technically. Unfortunately we suffered a very impotent loss in every sense, such as the absence of our captain, but we know that she will be permanently encouraging the group It will be a very tough match against an opponent that we were able to meet by watching the matches of the other group, we will go to show our game and seek to qualify for the final. The support of the public will be important”.


Saturday June 10

18, Búcaros (COL) vs Aguada (URU)

21, Three (ARG) vs Indeportes (COL)

Sunday June 11

18, Third and fourth place

21, Final

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