principle of agreement with América de México and request to lift the call for creditors

After so much economic suffocation, it seems that the good news is coming to ‘Red’, while Zielinski confirmed the team to receive Sarmiento de Junín for the Professional League.

Independent he wants to take a breath of fresh air that allows him to get some oxygen after so much economic suffocation. While Ricardo Zielinski already has the team confirmed with some changes and the return of the captain Ivan Marcone to receive this Friday to Sarmiento de Juninthe leadership moves to get good news for the club and made progress on two fundamental issues.

On the one hand, the lifting of the call for creditors was requested. Hours later, he began to see the light at the end of the tunnel by reaching an agreement in principle with América de México for the large debt of the pass from Cecilio Dominguez that has inhibited it to this day.

The body of lawyers of El Rojo presented before the Civil and Commercial Court No. 5 of Lomas de Zamora the formal request to lift the call for creditors, a process that began in 2005 during the presidency of Julio Comparada. The club reported that the credits are paid and asks that the measure be terminated. Now awaits the legal resolution.

Independiente’s formal request to lift the call for creditors.

Almost at the same time, in Mexico, the general secretary of Independiente, Daniel Seoane, held a face-to-face meeting with the main executives of America and was able to achieve an initial agreement. Of course, the Devil must now comply with the payment of more than half of the total debt, which is 5.7 million dollars for the pass of Cecilio Domínguez, to later talk again for the remaining amount.

Seoane traveled last Sunday to seal the sale of Sergio Barreto to the Pachuca Group in exchange for 2.2 million dollars for 70 percent of the pass (and a purchase option of 500,000 for the remaining 30 percent).

Through this negotiation, a good relationship was established with Jesús Martínez, boss of Pachuca. And through him the link with America could be refloated, which did not want to have anything to do with listening to the Red as a result of the wear and tear of the unfulfilled payment promises by the management of Hugo Moyano.

The Mexican executives asked that a little more than 50 percent of the debt be paid in order to access a second meeting in a couple of weeks to discuss the form of payment of what is missing. In other words, Independiente will have to disburse a figure close to 3 million dollars as a first step these days.

Among what comes from the Barreto transaction plus a part of what was collected from the collection led by Santiago Maratea (it has already exceeded 850 million pesos) he has income to be able to face this immediate commitment that would free him from his greatest debt .

Meanwhile, Zielinski confirmed the lineup at the previous day’s press conference for the first time in his cycle. The eleven that will play against Sarmiento are: Rodrigo Rey; Baltasar Barcia, Javier Baez, Edgar Elizalde, Ayrton Costa; Braian Martinez, Ivan Marcone, Sergio Ortiz, Martin Sarrafiore; Matías Giménez and Martín Cauteruccio.

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