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He sector restaurantero represents one of the main industries for young people looking for their first job. according to National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI)this sector generates just over 2 million jobs.

According to National Chamber of the Restaurant and Seasoned Food Industry (Canirac)is the first source of employment for one in five young people in the country.

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This represents a great challenge, due to the large component of family businesses and SMEs that there is in the sector, said Alonso Alcocer, co-director of National Softa leading company in the development and commercialization of software for this sector.

“The arrival of new generations to the working world, along with changes in consumption habits in recent years, accelerated the adoption of technology and digitization in various aspects of restaurant operations,” said Alsonso Alcocer.

He mentioned that according to the INEGI, 96 out of 100 restaurants are micro businesses that have a maximum of 10 people in their workforce; they employ 71.1 percent of the employed personnel and generate 55.9 out of every 100 pesos of the value of the industry.

As a comparison, he highlighted small businesses, which have 11 to 50 employees, which represent 19 percent of the total, and large business organizations with 9.9 percent of staff employedrespectively.

Alcocer stressed that digitization represents the opportunity to grow throughout the restaurant industry.

Remain in the preference of its customers and attract the new generations that prefer the use of food delivery platforms.

National Soft was positioned as one of the leading software providers for point of sale (POS) most important and specialized for the restaurant sector.

He referred to the flagship product Soft Restaurantwhich offers a variety of comprehensive solutions ranging from inventory control, production monitors, reservations, electronic billing to mobile applications and integration to platforms such as Uber Eats y Rappi.

“Today thousands of customers choose National Soft for being a value proposition that focuses on innovation and new technologies that simplify restaurant operations: from administration and operation to impact on human capital,” he commented. Santiago Estévez, co-director of the company.

With respect to training process for this type of tool, he pointed out that it reflects the commitment to employees and generates a feeling of validation and appreciation on the part of the employer.

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“This point is reflected in data shared by the same restaurant industry who point out that 63 percent of employees feel more connected to their work when they have access to digital training”said Estevez.

And it is that in addition to its impact on the day-to-day business, this type of platform provides companies with an area of ​​opportunity to Connect with frontline employees.

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