On Thursday evening, the Latvian hockey national team’s defenseman Jānis Jakus will be welcomed and greeted in the town square of Bauskas –

On Thursday, June 1, the municipality of Bauska region is organizing a welcome ceremony for Jānis Jakas, defender of the Latvian hockey team – the bronze medalist of the World Championship – in Bauska’s town hall, the public relations department of the municipality informs.

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To meet the fans on June 1 at The family of the defender of the national team will also arrive on the 19th. The chairman of the Bauskas county council and supporters of the hockey players, including the local company “Bauskas alus”, greet our residents.

“The people of Bauškėniek have reason to be doubly proud, because the Latvian Hockey Federation had entrusted the company SIA “GEKA” to make the 2023 World Hockey Championship laureate medals. The design of the ribbon of the medal was developed by our regional artist, patron Kārlis Sinka,” explains the municipality.

A large group of guests, hockey fans living in the region, are invited to the town square on Thursday evening. “Bring hockey paraphernalia with you, you will have the opportunity to get autographs and take a picture together,” invites the representatives of the public relations department.

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After the event, a circle of honor for the hockey player in Bauska is also planned in Iecava.

Jānis Jaks in Bauska during a meeting with young hockey enthusiasts on July 11, 2019. Photo from the archive of “Bauskas Dzīves”.


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Jānis Jaks was born in 1995.

The first coach of Jānis Jakas was Ralfs Bukarts. Jānis started playing hockey in the hockey club (HK) “Saga”,
continued as a member of the sports club (SK) «Rīga 18». Played for SK «Rīga 17» in the Latvian Championship.

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In the 2012-2014 seasons, he played in the Youth Hockey League club HK “Rīga”, which is the youth team of “Rīga Dinamo”. However, he did not move to “Riga Dinamo”, accepting an offer to play in the USA.

He has represented the Latvian youth team in several world championships. In 2014, he made his debut in the national team
in the sample.

In the historic match with the USA on May 28, 2023, two goals were scored for Latvia by ristians Rubīns, one each by Roberts Bukarts and Jānis Jaks.

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LTV, “Sports Studio”.

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