“Now we can no longer say ‘what a nice cu*o'”. Quarrel between Briatore and Parenzo on the Valsecchi-Bobbi case: “But where did you grow up?”

Gun cotton controversy a The mosquito (Radio24) tra Flavio Briaitore and one of the two conductors of the transmission, David Porecon the controversial case of Matteo Bobbi and Davide Valsecchithe two ex-drivers, now sports commentators, who during the live Sky broadcast of the post-race of the Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona, ​​created a scene full of sexist jokes about two unknown women framed by the camera.

The two pundits, who have been suspended by Sky for the next Grand Prix in Canada, are strenuously defended by the Piedmontese entrepreneur: “There was the front page on the Courier about them, but it is a madness. I saw the direct one and I didn’t notice anything, because there was absolutely nothing offensive. Right now here we are terrified of everything. But did you know that when girls ask me for a selfie, I no longer put my hands on their hips but my fists? I do it because I’m scared“.
“But that’s not true,” Poreč objects.
“Girls don’t ask you for selfies, so you don’t give a damn – replies Briatore – We have reached this level here, you can no longer afford to do anything that could disturb a person because they can sue you. These guys (Valsecchi and Bobbi, ndr) I am traumatized from such an uproar about nothing. They didn’t say ‘ass’ or ‘butt’, they spoke of an ‘aerodynamic package’ because there were two beautiful girls framed. But then what should we do in the disco when a beautiful girl passes by?“.
“But you grew up with your ass on your head”, comments Porec.

“But think of the girls in Formula One – relaunches Briatore – One can no longer say: ‘What a beautiful girl, look at what a beautiful ass’. There is no longer the freedom to make a joke“.
Porec explains that it is inappropriate to say those sentences on television or in public. But Briatore disagrees and takes it out on the press, also mentioning the case of the restaurateur from the Marches Andrea Serraniwhich on November 27, 2021, during a live broadcast on Toscana TV at the end of the match Empoli-Fiorentinahe patted the reporter on the butt Greta Baccaglia and that last December he was sentenced to one year and 6 months for sexual assault: “All the reporters went after the Courier for this thing. But does it seem normal with all the dicks that are around? We got to the point that that rude gentleman, who patted that journalist on the ass, was sentenced to prison. We are talking about a complaint and a criminal proceeding for having touched the butt, that is, for one goliardata. But it’s madness.”

Finally, the entrepreneur, a well-known Juventus fan, says he would hold Massimiliano Allegri: “Let’s give him credit for flying a plane into incredible turbulence. He managed to land, that’s okay. I keep a pilot who lands“.
Words of praise also for Giorgia Meloni: “She is doing a super job. Not all ministers are up to it but as a vote I give her a 7 of encouragement. Has the government still not lowered taxes as promised? It gets there, it gets there. We need to give the government time.”

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