NBA Free Agency: Rumors and updates

Free agency in the NBA will start on Saturday night, and the rumor mill is already brewing. You won’t miss a thing with All About the NBA.

This article will be continuously updated.

NBA rumours: The most important news of the day

6:01 p.m.: Clarkson will probably not be a free agent 4:56 p.m.: Mavs probably agree with Drummond 4:48 p.m.: Rockets apparently have two star deals for sure 4:25 p.m.: Hornets keep Bridges warm 3:59 p.m.: Raptors probably determined at Pöltl

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NBA Free Agency: Clarkson will probably not become a free agent

6:27 p.m .: Ben Simmons will apparently not appear at the World Cup in August, as reported by Nets Daily. The Aussie has decided to take the time out of his rehab in order to play at full strength for Brooklyn next season. However, he is looking forward to the 2024 Olympics.

6:23 p.m .: Here is a brief overview of some other players who have received two-way qualifying offers from their teams. The information on this all comes from Keith Smith.

AJ Green (Milwaukee Bucks)Luke Garza, Matt Ryan (Minnesota Timberwolves)Jared Rhoden (Detroit Pistons)Isaiah Mobley (Cleveland Cavaliers)Nico Mannion, Lester Quinones (Golden State Warriors)

6:12 p.m .: The Boston Celtics have apparently made a qualifying offer to Grant Williams, making the forward a restricted free agent on July 1 (Saturday). This is reported by Keith Smith (Spotrac). This means that the Celtics can draw level with every offer for Williams.

6:01 p.m .: Jordan Clarkson has apparently exercised his option to play with the Jazz for 14.2 million next season. This is reported by Sarah Todd (Deseret). That decision could also primarily serve to buy time for a long-term extension between the 31-year-old and Utah.

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NBA Free Agency: Mavs Hold Bullock – What’s the Plan on Center?

5:51 p.m .: Strus’s whereabouts in Miami seem unlikely, since the Heat will probably have to choose between him and Gabe Vincent. Vincent is the better defender and may be the point guard of the future in Miami should Kyle Lowry leave the team. The team’s priority seems to be Vincent over Strus.

5:39 p.m .: Max Strus’ role in the Heat’s finals run has apparently impressed some teams in the league, he seems to be one of the favorites this offseason. According to Stein, the Pacers are even considering signing Strus to a three-year deal and $48 million. The 27-year-old played for 1.8 million at Miami last year.

5:26 p.m .: A look at the Big Men in Dallas currently raises some questions, but some decisions are still open. Assuming Drummond joins the Mavs tomorrow: Richaun Holmes, Javale McGee and Drummond at center, plus rookie Dereck Lively. Christian Wood and Dwight Powell are free agents, Maxi Kleber has several more years under contract. What else are the Mavs up to in frontcourt?

5:19 p.m .: Back to the Mavs and Stein information again: Reggie Bullock’s contract has been fully guaranteed for next season. The 32-year-old shooter will earn 10.5 million, compared to 5.5 million had he been fired.

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NBA Free Agency: Rockets probably have VanVleet and Brooks for sure

5:12 p.m.: Roderick Boone (Charlotte Observer) reports that Kelly Oubre’s return to the Hornets is unlikely due to the occupation on the Charlotte wing. This suggests Miles Bridges may be firmly in the Hornets’ plans. Charlotte also drafted Brandon Miller with the 2nd pick last week, with Gordon Hayward still due 31.5 million next season.

5:03 p.m .: We have news about the Cavs’ financial situation: According to Adrian Wojnarowski (ESPN), Cleveland has fully guaranteed Cedi Osman’s salary for the coming season. It’s 6.7 million for the 28-year-old, who is entering his final year of contract.

4:56 p.m .: According to Stein, it also becomes concrete with the Dallas Mavericks: “Several teams have told me this week that they are expecting a deal between the Mavs and Andre Drummond, provided that Drummond rejects his player option of 3.36 million with the Bulls , as expected,” Stein wrote. Drummond has until tonight to make a decision on his option.

4:48 p.m .: Watch out, new information from Marc Stein has just arrived! The NBA insider is apparently very sure about two well-known free agents and their plans at an early stage. “I have a feeling it would really be a surprise to the entire league if Fred VanVleet and Dillon Brooks don’t provide verbal confirmations to the Houston Rockets by tomorrow night,” Stein wrote in his newsletter many teams.”

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NBA Free Agency: Hornets keep bridges warm

4:38 p.m .: How does that fit together? On the one hand, the Cavs’ front office was already aggressive last year with the trade for Mitchell, on the other hand, Allen in particular does not seem to be very firm in the team’s future plans. The All-Star of 2022 does not complement Mobley optimally and is considered a trade candidate.

4:30 p.m .: A team that could apparently drive up the price of bridges is apparently the Cavaliers. According to Chris Fedor (, the Cavs are interested in the forward, even though they don’t currently have the cap space for it. Cleveland already has big deals to pay for Jarrett Allen, Darius Garland, Donovan Mitchell and Evan Mobley, plus they’d like to bring back Caris LeVert, who won’t come cheap either.

4:25 p.m .: The Charlotte Hornets have apparently not completed a qualifying offer with Miles Bridges and him, PJ Washington and Theo Maledon, making them restricted free agents. Bridges has been given a 30-game suspension by the NBA for domestic violence, with just 10 games remaining next season.

4:19 p.m .: So far so good from the Raptors, let’s take a first look at the famous Harden front. Kelly Iko (The Athletic) revealed yesterday that the Rockets are probably out of the race for the bearded man. He also brought up the Clippers, who would have “outsider chances” of luring Harden to LA. Timothy Legler (ESPN) predicted today: “I think he’ll stay in Philadelphia. That’s where he has the best chance of winning a title.”

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NBA Free Agency: Raptors probably determined at VanVleet and Pöltl

4:13 p.m .: Accordingly, Toronto is also ready to offer VanVleet a maximum contract – but only for two years. Should FVV insist on a longer-term deal, the Bulls, Timberwolves and Nets are considered candidates for a potential sign-and-trade deal. In the case of Pöltl, the Thunder, Spurs, Bucks, Bulls, Lakers and Mavericks can be observed. The Austrian seems to be popular!

4:06 p.m .: With these exact totals, the Raptors for the upcoming season are already at 164.8 million for eight players, just slightly below the expected luxury tax limit of 165 million. Even if they could keep Pöltl and VanVleet a little cheaper, they would have little chance of filling the rest of the squad without having to pay luxury tax.

3:59 p.m .: The Raptors remain one of the most exciting teams of the offseason, also because of their own free agents. Eric Koreen (The Athletic) expects Toronto to open the wallet to contract extensions for Fred VanVleet and Jakob Pöltl, meaning they won’t be able to avoid Luxury Tax next season. Koreen predicts totals of $130 million over four years for VanVleet and $63 million over three years for Pöltl.

3:56 p.m .: Welcome back! We’re one day closer to the official launch of Free Agency. Let’s see how spicy that makes the NBA rumor mill today. I’m hungry, let’s go!

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