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The NBA Finals are here as the Heat have earned the right to face off against the Nuggets after winning an intense and almost historic Eastern Conference Finals.

With the matchup set in stone, tickets can now be purchased. So if you want to buy tickets, you should check your creditworthiness or maybe take out a small loan if necessary.

Why? Because attending one of the potential seven NBA Finals games will do not to be cheap.

Finding tickets can be difficult and stressful, whether you’re a local or flying in from out of town. That’s why The Jugo Mobile is here to help you. We’ve rounded up options from four of the most popular ticketing sites, including prices from lowest to highest.

How much will NBA Finals tickets cost in 2023?

Average prices for the 2023 NBA Finals vary by venue. In general, tickets to a game in Miami are more expensive than in Denver.

According to TicketSmarter, the average Denver ticket at Ball Arena is $6,886, while the average Miami ticket at Kaseya Center is $9,420.

Arena City Average price for tickets
Ball’s Denver, Colorado. 6.886 $
Kaseya Center Miami, Florida. 9.420 $

But these are just average prices. Some ticket sellers charge fees a lot more than others to gain access to any of the seven games in the series.

Below is a look at the highest, lowest and average ticket prices for each of the seven games of the NBA Finals as of Thursday, June 1, according to TicketSmarter. These prices are subject to change throughout the series.

Spiel 1

The cheapest seat ticket for Game 1 at Ball Arena, Denver, Colorado is $588. The most expensive ticket for a seat at the game is $3,902. The average price is $4,490.

Spiel 2

Game 2 is also in Denver and the prizes only keep going up. The cheapest ticket for a seat costs $661, while the most expensive ticket costs more than double at $10,428. The average price is $5,544.

Spiel 3

Game 3 will be played at the Kaseya Center, Miami. Standing-only tickets are the cheapest at $530, while the most expensive ticket – Courtside East – costs a staggering $21,076.

The average price is $10,803. Who knew you had to take out a loan to attend an NBA Finals game in paradise?

Parking tickets are sold separately for this game as well, and it looks like they cost anywhere from $47 to $980. It might be easier to just walk if you are from or staying in the Miami area.

Spiel 4

It’s no surprise that Game 4 prizes are pretty much the same as Game 3, especially since that night is the first potential series winner. The lowest price is again $530 for standing room, and expensive east side courtside seating has increased to $21,171. The average price is $10,850.

Parking starts at $56 but still goes up to $980.

Spiel 5

The “if needed” games are even more than the guaranteed games. If you’re hoping to see the Nuggets play Denver a third time, you’ll need to shell out $959 for an upper balcony seat. If you’re feeling flashy and thinking Denver could win it all in five games, drop the $14,269 most expensive fieldside ticket. The average admission price is $7,614.

Spiel 6

Tickets to a possible final in Miami are currently priced at – you probably guessed it – just $556 for standing and up to $12,658. The average price is $6,607.

Spiel 7

Everyone wants a seat when there’s a Game 7, and the prices prove it. The lowest price for upper balcony seats in the Ball Arena has peaked at $1,134, while the highest price is still not quite there close to games 3 and 4 in Miami but still a whopping $18,660. The average price is $9,897.

Most Expensive NBA Finals Tickets for Heat vs. Nuggets

website Preis
TicketSmarter 21.171 $
Sitzfreak 898.900 $
Living Seats 879.554 $
StubHub 81.000 $

Cheapest NBA Finals Tickets for Heat vs. Nuggets

website Preis
TicketSmarter 530 $
Sitzfreak 438 $
Living Seats 432 $
StubHub 469 $

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