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A fun activity suddenly became really serious…

That of cage fighter Conor McGregor during the NBA-Finals knocked out mascot had to be taken to the hospital! This is reported by The Athletic.

What happened? As part of game 4 between the

McGregor hits visibly drunk

The mascot had put on an XXL boxing glove just for fun. In a show match, he was supposed to fight a bit with McGregor. The cage fighter, who had already drunk a lot of his whiskey before, apparently couldn’t judge his power properly and knocked out the mascot.

When the man who embodies Heat mascot Burnie was down, the former UFC doubles champion hit even harder.

Several supervisors stormed onto the floor and waved air at the mascot. At first, viewers thought it was part of the show. But now it turned out that it was bitter seriousness.

As “The Athletic” further reports, the person was given painkillers in the hospital and was released “later”. The man is said to be doing “much better” now.

For McGregor, the knockout was one of the few successful punches in his recent history. He has lost three of his last four fights. His only win came against the aging Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone. McGregor is unlikely to return to the UFC cage until February 3, 2024 due to doping issues. His opponent will be Michael Chandler.

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