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Hamburg and Mainz hold themselves harmless / Haar surprises Regensburg

Hamburg celebrated a one-two against Berlin at the weekend (Photo: Bern Piontek)

The eleventh game day of the 2023 season in the 1st Baseball Bundesliga ended on Sunday afternoon with three games. In the north, the Hamburg Stealers returned to second place in the table with a 12-2 win over the Berlin Flamingos and cemented their play-off ambitions. Already on Saturday, the Hanseatic League had secured the 2-0 win. Meanwhile, Berlin was unable to make up any ground in the race for the play-offs.

In the south, the Mainz Athletics made short work of the Mannheim Tornados. After a narrow 9-8 comeback win on Saturday, the A’s won 11-0 in seven innings a day later. Six runs in the seventh round alone increased the result significantly. Meanwhile, the Guggenberger Legionnaires Regensburg had to admit defeat at the guest appearance at the Munich-Haar Disciples with 5:6. On Friday evening, the Regensburg team had triumphed 4-1. The decision on Sunday was made by a walk-off in the last inning.

While the Bonn Capitals and the Untouchables Paderborn represent German baseball during the week in Amsterdam and Bussum/Netherlands in the Champions Cup, next weekend there will be duels in the north between the Dohren Wild Farmers and Hamburg Stealers as well as Berlin Flamingos and Cologne Cardinals. In the south, the Heidenheim Heideköpfe receive the Stuttgart Reds and the Hünstetten Storm receive the Guggenberger Legionnaires Regensburg.

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