German Women’s National Soccer Team Willing to Wear Rainbow Armband at World Cup

HERZOGENAURACH. The captain of the German women’s national soccer team, Alexandra Popp, has underlined her and the DFB’s willingness to wear the rainbow armband at the World Cup in Australia and New Zealand. “We really want to play with it,” she told journalists in Herzogenaurach last night.

The One Love bandage is also okay for her. But if the world football association FIFA allows it, “then we can also play with our rainbow armband,” said the 32-year-old. The World Cup will take place from July 20th to August 20th.

One-Love-Bundle and Preliminary-Out

At the men’s World Cup last winter in Qatar, the DFB, led by ex-SPD Secretary of State Bernd Neuendorf, and captain Manuel Neuer had insisted to the last on wearing the One Love armband after FIFA had banned the rainbow armband.

When Germany couldn’t prevail, the players covered their mouths in protest at the team photo. Interior Minister Nancy Faeser (SPD) sat demonstratively with the One Love armband in the grandstand. The DFB-Elf was eliminated in the preliminary round.

FIFA has reportedly not decided yet

Popp now said: “We are in really good talks with FIFA, which I think is nice because I had the feeling that it was completely kept away from the men.” According to her, the world association is now much more open to the topic .

However, FIFA recently declared that no other armband than the official one would be allowed at the Women’s World Cup. The DFB then emphasized that Popp would therefore only wear the rainbow armband in test matches in future, but not at the World Cup. Popp now said that the world association had not yet decided. (fh)

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