Gabri Veiga: “I don’t think about the future; I’m focused on the sub-21”

Gabri Veiga, player for Celta and the under-21 team, appeared this Sunday before the press to make it clear that he is not willing to assess his options for the future and a possible transfer to the Galician club.

“It was a spectacular season, what i did is a dreamand in the club of my life, and I’m happy about it,” he said as a balance of his great year at Celta.

“Right now I don’t think about the future, the present is the selectionthe only thing I can say is that I go through the European Championship and then to win it”, said the Galician, who prudently dodged all the questions about his future and his possible signing for Real Madrid.

“As I said before, I am with the national team, focused on the European Championship, I want to live in the present, my future will be seen, now I want to represent my country.”

Veiga admitted that he recently decided to change representatives “after several years, because I think it was the best for everyone.”

Regarding the praise that Ancelotti dedicated to him a few weeks ago, the Celta footballer assured that “if you know how to manage them in a mature way, all praise is well received, but you have to know how to manage it”

“I have spent little time preparing these questions, I am mature in that sense, I am not used to speaking in public but I think I am doing quite well,” he joked.

I want to mature day by day; I don’t think about the future, what better than with this group of players that we have in the under-21s”, he added.

2023-06-11 11:30:56
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