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Here is the number of candidates applying for each star:
First star: 104 clubs
Second star: 103 clubs
Third star: 36 clubs
Fourth star: 12 clubs

If you haven’t done so yet, you have until June 30, 2023, to complete your label application and claim the Ecoles Française de Badminton (EFB) label for next season.
The EFB label allows a club to promote its investment in young players vis-à-vis institutions, communities and partners. It also ensures a quality of training offered to the youngest.

So don’t wait any longer to go to poona, http://poona.ffbad.orgusing your credentials.

To know everything about the French Schools of Badminton, we invite you to go to the federal website, tab “badminton for all” then “French Schools of Badminton” or on this link: -for-all/the-bad-for-young-people/french-badminton-schools/

For any information, you can contact us at the following address:
[email protected]

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