Cup winners announced at Red Bull Half Court – Basketball

The champions of Turkey were determined at the Red Bull Half Court, which combines street culture and basketball and where amateur basketball players showcase their talents every year. As a result of the final competitions held in Istanbul, Atatürk University for women and Celal Bayar University for men won the cup.

In the Red Bull Half Court Turkey Final, 8 women’s and 8 men’s basketball teams that succeeded in making it to the final stage displayed their talents. In the women’s final, Atatürk University defeated Gazi University with a score of 6-4 at the end of the overtime period, and in the men’s final, Celal Bayar University defeated Beykoz University with a score of 17-11 and became the winner of the cup.

In addition to the fierce competitions in the final of the Half Court, which was followed with interest, a three-point competition was held in the categories of men and women. The winner of the three-point game in women was Simay Naz Öget from Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University, while the winner in men’s was Atahan Ergül from Middle East Technical University. In the dunk competition held as part of the event, Muhammed Sanyang from Doğuş University was victorious. The exhibition match and Ege Çubukçu concert in which Alper Biçen also participated in the organization attracted great attention from the audience.

The winning teams of the men’s and women’s categories qualified to represent our country at the Red Bull Half Court World Final to be held in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, in September.

Winners of the trophy announced at Red Bull Half Court

Winners of the trophy announced at Red Bull Half Court

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