Atalanta: Gasperini, there’s time to talk to the club – Football

(ANSA) – ZINGONIA, 03 JUNE – “Let’s focus on Monza, from Monday onwards we can meet to talk about football”.

On the eve of the last season of the championship, Gian Piero Gasperini postpones the question of remaining on the Atalanta bench: “The relationship with the club is optimal, but there will be time and ways to meet. In any case, I have a contract, as we ‘I had last summer: in the meantime, Sunday is decisive for qualifying for the Europa League.”

On the current opponent, only praise: “With people like Galliani and Braida behind them and the extraordinary work of Palladino, whose impact from the Primavera to the first team makes him a predestined player, in my opinion Monza will fight in a higher bracket from next summer of the standings – specifies the Bergamo coach -. I’ve known Palladino since his days in Serie C, then he was with me at the Juventus Primavera and at Genoa. He overturned the quality of play, he had an immediate impact” – Finally, on the prospects for the immediate future: “I don’t know if it was a great season, I’ve read quite negative things about it. I’m interested in giving people satisfaction and tomorrow I expect a lot of support after the 20-minute strike – Gasperini concludes -. Maybe being back in Europe will help in terms of finding players on the transfer market, but this too is a premature question. Europe gives us a coat of arms.” (HANDLE).